We are wishart and we’re creating the greater good.

We are wishart and we’re creating the greater good. Working with charities and the charitably-minded for almost twenty years through good times and bad, we are committed to improving things one project, one client, one day at a time.

Tomorrow starts today.

We’re good. In the past decade we have worked hard to help charities raise over one billion dollars. That’s BILLION, not a few million!

It’s not luck. Or one big project. Rather, it’s an unfailing commitment to creating the greater good which we share with clients who are among the best and brightest in the business.

wishart has three objectives:

one To reach out to a few leaders in the philanthropic community who – despite tough times – seek to invest in positive change.

two To prove that strategy is more important than style. The work is pretty – pretty darn impressive – because it’s built on strong ideas.

three To serve notice that our work – like yours – is done for those who put people ahead of profits. We want only to join with those who are committed to creating the greater good.