Why wishart?

What do you wish for?

At conferences, on calls and in meeting after meeting, the same issues are raised time and again.

Senior fundraisers have dreams – dreams that aren’t being fulfilled. Here’s what they wish for:

I Wish… My Message Stood Out From the Herd

One great idea re-imagined year-after-year-after-year: it’s how the best stand out.

Although it’s been over 10 years since the last telethon t-shirt was printed, teddy bears remain synonymous with SickKids. For more than a decade, wishart created beautiful, collectable ‘Wear Your Bear’ merchandise. Not only did this help the SickKids’ telethon raise millions of dollars each year, but sales of these wearable ads raised millions more.

I Wish… My Donations Would Go Up – Waaaaay Up!

More donors. Bigger gifts. Stronger relationships. Money isn’t everything, but it sure makes it easier to achieve your vision and do good in the world.

Our record is certainly impressive: wishart has helped Canadian charities raise over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in the past ten years.

I Wish… I Could Speak With Someone Who Really Cares.

Strange but true: we’re a purposefully small agency comprised of staff who have been gifted with unusually big ears. (Or at least acute hearing)!

We’re wishart: Small enough to care about the little things, big enough to help you achieve spectacular results.

Over 20 years.
Well over 200 awards.
And over 2,000 successes… with only a few flubs along the way.

I Wish… Someone Was There for Me When I Get in Over My Head.

Whatever the season, wishart fully expects the unexpected. We’re ready to help you overcome unique challenges, often transforming them into exciting opportunities.

I Wish… I Could Change the World When I Grow Up.

Even the largest charities used to be small. It’s never too early to invest in big ideas. Make change now. Grow with wishart.

I Wish… My Work Was Made a Priority.

Agencies are notorious for winning your business and then making you wait… And wait… And wait… Or your budget is too small to attract the attention of the person who runs the shop so you suffer through second-hand creative produced by third-rate talent. At wishart, good work takes time but every moment contributes to the final product. And you’re never more than a click or call away from the guy who does the work.
Most often it’s our president and creative director, John VanDuzer

I Wish… I Could Accomplish a Very Real Breakthrough

A website that’s often updated daily and always in real time. State-of-the art iPod and iPad apps. Remarkable booth designs and incredible incentives.
For KCI Ketchum Canada, these are some of the many ways wishart has supported its position as the thought leader in the philanthropic sector. Think forward: forwardthinkingKCI.com

I Wish… My Agency Would Look at Things Differently.

Some agencies will try to toss everything you’ve ever done out the window and expect you to start from scratch. Not wishart. We recognize that there is great value in what you’ve built over the years, and we work from that perspective. But just because we won’t turn things upside down doesn’t mean we won’t look at them differently. We will. After all, our job is to turn people’s heads.

I Wish… My Work Was Great.

Author Jim Collins famously said, “Good is the enemy of great.” We couldn’t agree more. More than just designers, we are artists; we make every effort to turn your project into a work of art. wishart: It’s more than a name; it’s a promise!

I Wish… People Realized That We Are All in This Together.

One organization’s success shouldn’t come at the expense of another’s. Less competition, more cooperation. And more collaboration. Building a culture of philanthropy which is inclusive, diverse and robust is how wishart has built its reputation for creating the greater good. Join the conversation: creatingthegreatergood.com

I Wish… My Brand Could Last Forever.

Lousy brands manifest themselves in lousy creative. (Which all too often begins with lousy logos). Don’t reinvent the wheel – do it right the first time. (Or, at least, THIS time!) After all, like that tattoo on your lower back, it’s for the ages.

I Wish… Someone Would Blow Me Away.

At wishart, exceptional is no longer the exception, thanks to president and creative director, John VanDuzer. A former account guy at three of Canada’s top ad agencies, John took what he learned from billion-dollar brands like Pepsi, Ford and P&G and has consistently applied it to helping the philanthropic sector ‘rise above’ ever since.

I Wish… I Could Hire Wishart.

You can:   dream@wishart.net   Hamilton: 905 577-6290    Toronto: 416 535-4876

Tell us, what do YOU wish for?